Absolut Art

Booth 411 | Stockholm, Sweden | New York, NY,

Stockholm, Sweden | New York, NY, -
p. 917-365-0005


Presented Artists

Andrew Kuo
Clara Hallencreutz
Erik Berglin
Glenda León
Gregor Hildebrandt
Gustav Wilking
Jeanette Getrost
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Miranda July


Glasses to see the world by Glenda León. 2001, Print

Bird #62 (Reykjavik) by Erik Berglin. 2016, Print

Can You Grab Smoke? by Malin Gabriella Nordin. 2017, Print

Dolce & Gabbana by Jeanette Getrost. 2016, Print

o.T. (G. G.) by Gregor Hildebrandt. 2015, Print

Portrait (Nose) by Andrew Kuo. 2016, Print

This Is The Person I Was Telling You About by Miranda July. 2015, Print

Water by Gustav Wilking. 2014, Print

Brand Matters - Eau de frozen flowers II (L) by Clara Hallencreutz. 2018, Print