Artêria Gallery

Booth 807 | Bromont, QC

625 Shefford
Bromont, QC J2L 1C2
p. +1 450-919-3133

Presented Artists

Hugo Cantin
Jessica Potenza
Pasha Setrova
Virginie Schroeder


Norman McLaren 1962 Lines Horizontal by Hugo Cantin. 2014, Birch plywood light box, 16mm film collage

Black Chicken by Pasha Setrova . 2017, 3D Printed resin sculpture, textiles

Just Closed Your Eyes by Virginie Schroeder . 2017, Acrylic on canvas

One Moment by ZUT. 2017, Mixed media on wood

Duo by Jessica Potenza . 2016, Acrylic, coffee, ink and graphite on linen

Because only a weak man knows the value of strength and power by CANTSTOPGOODBOY. 2016, Acrylic, diamond dust and mixed media on canvas