Michele Mariaud Gallery

Booth 511 | New York, NY

153 Lafayette Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10013
p. 9177835737


Presented Artists

Albert Delamour
Joan Salo
Linc Thelen
Pascal Pierme
Raul de la Torre
Yolanda and H


Coral by Yolanda and H. 2018, Epoxy and paint

Midnight Sky by Linc Thelen. 2018, Oil on canvas

Modern Narcissus by Albert Delamour. 2015, Orotone

Fils l colors CCCLXll by Raul de la Torre. 2018, Acrylic and embroidery

Untitled by Joan Salo. 2017, Acrylic pen on canvas

Origines Antipodes 34 by Pascal Pierme. 2018, Mahogany