Pontone Gallery

Booth 611 | London, UK

43 Cadogan Gardens
London, UK SW3 2TB
p. +44 (0)20 7730 8777


Presented Artists

Dina Brodsky
Jeff Robb
Malcolm Liepke
Mari Kim
Matteo Massagrande


Aria iv (edition of 15 + 2 AP) by Jeff Robb. 2018, Lenticular photograph

Giseng 5 by Mari Kim. 2018, Genuine bronze leaf plated on ultra chrome in printed paper

Pinning Her Hair by Malcolm Liepke. 2018, Oil on canvas

Mattino nello studio by Matteo Massagrande. 2017, Oil and mixed media on board

Cycling Guide to Lilliput 84 by Dina Brodsky. 2017, Oil on copper