Quantum Contemporary Art

Booth 405 | London, UK

The Imperial Laundry, 71 Warriner Gardens
London, UK SW11 4XW
p. +44 7765 255 800


Presented Artists

Alison Rankin
Bridget Davies
Stephane Joannes
Vanessa Whitehouse


Tanker 61 by Stephane Joannes. Oil, bitumen and glycerine on canvas 60 x 20 inches

Lovely Day by Vanessa Whitehouse. Acrylic, gold leaf and flitter flakes on plexiglass 35 x 35 inches

Falling Egg and Turquoise Bowl by Alison Rankin. Acrylic on Paper 25 x 29 inches

Flirt by Bridget Davies. Ink and 23ct gold leaf on paper 30 x 42 inches