Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Booth 311 | NY / HK / Singapore,

547 West 27th Street
NY / HK / Singapore, 10001
p. 212.677.4520

Presented Artists

Chun Kwang Young
Hiroshi Senju
Miya Ando
Sohan Qadri
Tayeba Lipi
Zheng Lu


Aggregation 16 - NV092 by Chun Kwang Young. 2016, Mixed media with Korean mulberry paper

Waterfall by Hiroshi Senju. 2016, Acrylic and fluorescent pigments on Japanese mulberry paper

Nitya by Sohan Qadri. 2008, Ink and dye on paper

My little privacy by Tayeba Lipi. 2016, Brass made safety pins covered by electroless nickel immersion gold

Water in Dripping - Qi by Zheng Lu. 2016, Stainless steel

by Miya Ando .