Facture Studio

A partnership between designer Quincy Ellis and artist Shoba Seric, Facture Studio uses the medium of resin to explore the mystery, whimsy and interplay of light and matter. Engaging and enigmatic, Facture’s Shift Collection vacillates between opacity and transparency, revealing and obscuring form, color, and energy. Though rendered in matter, the pieces are never truly at rest, drawing the eye to shape, contour and illusion. 

The dynamism of the Shift Collection springs from the shared ingenuity and artistry of Ellis and Seric. Ellis, born and raised in Philadelphia, studied industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2005-2009. He moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue art fabrication, working with some of the most well known artists and galleries. From 2013-2017 he was studio manager / engineer and lead fabricator for the artist/designer Fernando Mastrangelo. Seric hails from Sarejevo and studied at the School of Applied Arts from 1983-1987, then Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts from 1989 - 1992. In 1999 he moved to Amsterdam to attend Rijksakademie, an international two-year artist residency and studio program. Shoba's art has been exhibited in museums and art spaces worldwide. He's been working in NYC since 2001, making his own art and fabricating for some of the most well known designers and artists in the world. 

Facture Studio, a pioneering Brooklyn-based contemporary art and furniture company, garnered the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) Innovation Award for its Shift Collection at the 2018 Architecture Design show in NYC. 

Facture Studio specializes in custom commissions and architectural installations.  Available works are available for viewing by appointment at its Greenpoint studio.

For all sales and/or press inquiries:
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