McKay Otto | Pivot

Presented by Red Arrow Gallery

McKay Otto (b. Wharton, Texas) has a BBA from The University of Texas in Austin, he also studied art and art history at the Glassell School located at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston.  Otto was mentored by and received an informal art education through renowned contemporary minimalist painter, Agnes Martin. 

As Otto always regards his paintings as meditations, he intends his work to be experienced rather than read. Dealing with the themes of light, translucence, simplicity and silence, his work combines the quiet concentration of meditation with a focused intensity, which he often describes as “Trans-dimensional.”  Otto has exhibited his work extensively in gallery and museum exhibitions across the Texas metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, as well as in NYC, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, and Aspen.  Otto presently lives and works in his studio near Wimberley, Texas.