Dancing Lovers & Spinning Antlers - Art Market Hamptons
dancing lovers Morgenstern

Moises Morgenstern

Dancing Lovers & Spinning Antlers, 2022

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Moises Morgenstern is a self-taught artist and explains that “Art has always been in my family and in my life.” His father was a jewelry designer; his mother is an architect; and his grandfather was a photographer. Since he was a young boy, Moises has always thought about design and sculpture. In 1991, he studied Graphic Design at Institute Soligraphica de Arte and started teaching photography. He was born in Caracas Oct. 23, 1969, and now resides in Miami, Florida. All of his techniques are self-taught from the welding to the construction of the sculpture. His technique uses aluminum, industrial epoxy paint and stainless steel hardware. Moises sculptures are created for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Reticent by nature, Moises Morgenstern seeks to communicate visually rather than verbally. His goal is to express his view of life through people’s eyes, animals’ eyes and what is reflected from the eye through a magnification of the optics of the eye. It is often said that “the eye is the window to the soul”. That sentiment has informed the work of Moises Morgenstern. When Morgenstern looks into someone’s eyes, he sees reflections, draws upon what he sees, and gives those reflections form, ultimately trying to convey what that person perceives from the world. Morganstern expands the eye and enlarges it until it becomes a form with balance in order to create a physical manifestation of that form. He does not see people and the world as merely static; he sees music, movement, and light. Most of the sculptures contain movable components to reflect that perspective.